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Video Advertising has been shown to provide companies with a HUGE Return On Investment! Video marketing WORKS!

Online video advertisements highlight the best features of a business and can be marketed on places like YouTube, your website, online business profiles and more!

We'll get information from you regarding the type of video you'd like to present to your audience. This includes aspects such as the specific spokesperson, their tonality and more! Our content writers can adjust your script so it's the perfect length and as natural-sounding as possible!

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60 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only have one spokesperson available?
Absolutely not! We have many spokesmen and spokeswomen for you to choose from! Choose the one you like best or let us help you decide!

What type of camera do you shoot with?
Sorry for the confusion but we don't offer videography services (yet)! This is a video advertisement we'll produce for you that includes information, images and a live spokesperson only! See our example of a 30 Second video!

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